Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct sets out the behaviours that are expected of all those involved in Tamworth Rugby Union Sporting Club, including players, coaches, administrators, employees, contractors, volunteers, and spectators, in order to ensure that a safe, fair, and inclusive environment is provided for all.

It is an expectation that you do not engage in behaviour, including contact via social media or other electronic means, that negatively affects the experience, safety, or wellbeing of any Relevant Person.

This includes behaviour that is:

  • offensive or discriminatory.
  • bullying or harassing.
  • sexist, racist or homophobic.
  • intimidating, threatening or aggressive.
  • drunk and disorderly.
  • disruptive to any Relevant Person performing their duties.
  • unlawful or unsafe.

All relevant persons are expected to:

  • Act and operate in accordance with all World Rugby Regulations, Bye-Laws and Laws of the Game etc and with all Rugby AU’s codes, policies and guidelines.
  • Treat all other Relevant Persons with courtesy, respect, dignity and have proper regard for their rights and obligations.
  • Be ethical, considerate, fair and honest in all dealings with other Relevant Persons
  • Accept responsibility for personal behaviours and actions.
  • Maintain appropriate, professional relationships with other Relevant Persons or other individuals within or related to a Relevant Organisation at all times.
  • Not engage in, or encourage, any conduct that is unbecoming or is otherwise harmful to the interests of Tamworth Rugby Union Sporting Club.
  • Respect and protect confidential information obtained through activities, whether regarding an individual’s or organisation’s information. A privileged position should not be used to obtain personal information for use outside your designated role.
  • Not commit any acts of violence or intimidation within the venue in which the match is being played, including the tunnel, change rooms and/or warm-up areas.
  • Refrain from any behaviour that causes damage to any Relevant Persons property or Tamworth Rugby Union Sporting Clubs property, resources, buildings, furniture, or fittings.
  • Accept and respect the authority of match officials and refrain from using any offensive language or behaviour, show unnecessary dissension, displeasure, or disapproval towards a match official, whether on or off the field of play.


A Relevant Person refers to, players, coaches, administrators, ground managers, employees, contractors, volunteers, spectators, referees, and sideline officials.