Criteria for Honorary Life Membership

Tamworth Rugby Union Sporting Club - Honorary Life Membership Criteria

Nominees will be considered individually and on their personal attributes, achievements, and overall contribution to the club. Nominees’ contribution will go beyond the ordinary for an extended period of time, not just a few years and not in comparison to others.

Selection Criteria

Life membership should not be considered as a competitive matter and nominees must be considered individually and on their personal attributes and achievements.

While it is inevitable that comparisons will be made with past recipients, direct comparisons should not be made.

Criteria are provided as a guide, but it is the overall contribution of the nominee that must be evaluated. Nominee's strengths against the various criteria will vary.

To assist with the nomination, some or all of the following criteria should be considered. For any of the relevant criteria the nominee should have demonstrated an exceptional contribution, demonstrated significant, sustained, and high-quality service enhancing the reputation and future of the club.

I. Minimum 10 years in specific roles that contribute to the benefit of the club, these roles may include but not be restricted to – service on the management committee, coordinator roles, fund raising activities, coaching, promotional and marketing and/or event coordinator roles official or volunteer supporter.

II. Has the nominee represented the club with distinction on regional committees, associations, councils?

III. Has the nominee represented the club as a competitor in local, regional, national, or international competitions?

IV. Has the nominee demonstrated attitude and demeanor that reflects dedication to the values of the club?

V. The nominee will have demonstrated a commitment to the principals of fair play and good sportsmanship.

VI. The nominee will have provided valued leadership and/or been an outstanding role model to the members in general.

VII. The nominee's service must reflect favourably on and bring credit to the club.

VIII. The nominee must be an active, current, and financial member.